Raaschou Inventarsnedkeri

Together with the customer, Raaschou makes the idea, and design possible. With mutual trust, we succeed with the best solution in high-quality and with carefully selected materials.

Our skilled and committed carpenters always solve the task by combining the latest technology with the traditional craftsmanship at our 8000 m2 workshop in Skovlunde – at Raaschou no task is too simple or complex.

We are proud of the carpentry profession in Denmark and we aim to lead and take responsibility for the education and development of the current and future generations.



Hempel Staircase

The construction of the stairs/staircase is built up in molded plywood – and cladded with oak veneer.

All steps and handrails are made of solid oak.

The staircase consists of a total of 3700 m2 of oak veneer, 6800 sub-components and more than 400 different variants.

The stairs consists of 5 floors – as well as a footbridge of 64 meters which goes from the old to the new headquarters over Lundtoftegårdsvej in Lyngby.

In addition to the stunning staircase, Aarstiderne Arkitekter and Raaschou Inventarsnedkeri gave Hempel a bench as a Housewarming gift. The bench also consists of oak (layer cake part is exhibited at our stand) with mirror, so that the stairs in their beautiful entirety are reflected.



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