Mette Bentzen and Lasse Kristensen, known as Egeværk, are dynamic and ambitious young furniture designers, who own a creative workshop andgallery in Helsingør. Their progressive practice challenges the status quo in the world of Danish fine furniture; they create meticulously crafted contemporary sculptural and conceptual pieces while drawing on craft traditions dating back to the time of their great-grandparents.

Egeværk are the recipients of the Carpentry Award 2019 and the Danish Design Award 2020 (Best Arts & Crafts), who exhibit their works at art shows and in galleries across Denmark, the UK, and the US.




Mette Bentzen and Lasse Kristensen have a very special love for the Swedish archipelago. The rounded cliffs have been there since the dawn of time, and the landscape is characterized by open sea, fjord-like areas, and smaller saltwater lakes. The rocks have been worn by the weather and the sea for many centuries. All shapes are round and peaceful, while the colors are subdued.

Grounded is an attempt to bring the same sense of calm, wonder and beauty into a cultural space; an office, a hall, a living room. The shape of the sofa is inspired by the natural landscape shapes: the rocks on which the sofa rests were originally transported from Norway to Denmark by enormous natural forces during the last ice age. In addition, the tanned, uncolored skin contributes to its beauty and comfort. The wood is Danish ash, which is also beautiful, subtle, and undramatic in nature. Depending on the angle, light, and the eye of the beholder, the sofa can also take the form of a giant sea creature; maybe even one from the dawn of time?

Natural stones
Danish ash
Tanned, uncolored leather
Dimensions: L 232 cm, H 73 cm D 80 cm

Moon work

The lunar works are a kind of tribute to the Nordic territory. In Denmark, the darkness mostly dominates throughout the winter and the moon is visible from the afternoon to the morning. It is a kind of companion that is often there, and one can look at it, unlike the sun, as the reflected moonlight does not hurt the eyes. You can set the heat temperature (degrees Kelvin) on the light in Metis to match the moon when it is high in the sky. Our lunar works are based on winter in Denmark but also on the fact that the planet Earth is part of space and we are part of a larger whole.

Moon sculpture with Ø 87 cm. Wood and LED lights. Wall-mounted.


Light as feathers, full of dreamy qualities, able to hold huge amounts of rainfall and block the sun and the blue color of the sky out on gray days. Fluffy and friendly, dark and threatening.

The guiding principle behind this new work has been the notion of an ‘inner force’. The stool is a flimsy piece of furniture with great power. We have studied volcanoes as apparent examples of inner power. We also created a small waterfall to study the water movements, but in the end, it was the cloud movement, drama, and – yes – power that was the most inspiring idea.

The task was to make a stool with a minimum material consumption, without any risk of hurting the eyes, and should be comfortable enough to sit on during dinner. Our solution is Above. A little bite of heaven to sit on.

We have created a stool that is physically and visually light and that communicates some of the obvious qualities of the cloud. We have used our favorite material, well-known all over the world, Danish ash wood. It’s easy with sophisticated elegance. The way we have cut and sandblasted it creates a charming and upward-looking pattern reminiscent of the natural clouds’ shapes. Thoughts grow similarly when we observe these forms. Between the two cloud-like wooden layers, we have constructed a steel construction that is light and incredibly robust at the same time.

Above us, only the sky.

Dimensions: H 43 cm W 46 cm D 25.5 cm


In 1979, Kim Larsen wrote a single song about a life-changing moment, falling in love. Later, singer and actor Jimmy Jørgensen interpreted this song on stage in the Copenhagen theater Aveny T and created a magical moment of great beauty, which is now only available on blurred YouTube videos. To solve the challenge of creating a new chair for Aveny T in 2021, Egeværk wanted to capture magical echoes, the voices in a silent theater, giving them a physicality and thus preserving one of the most significant, perhaps even life-changing moments forever. Jim-my Jørgensen’s great voice was recorded in the empty theater, and the sound waves were milled into the chair’s elegant backrest. Sometimes you have to hear something really many times to understand it. Sometimes we see something a million times without really understanding it. Other times, it takes a fraction of a second to experience a miracle. Such as falling in love. Or experience great art. Concept The chair was developed as an extension of Aveny T dedicated to a young audience. In Ege-verk’s concept, all chairs should have different texts and quotes from notable artists who have stood on the Aveny T stage on their backs. A few chairs would have a completely glossy back, so there was room for the next generations’ voices. The material is Danish ash wood.

Dimensions: H 81 cm seat H 46 cm W 46 cm D 50 cm.


Everything is cyclical when you think about it. Life, the seasons, the day, the breath. The prerequisite for the life we know.

We humans need to fall in love with nature again. Keep it tender to us, and at the same time, appreciate the nature’s power. These are the thoughts behind Spi-ra. A light source that can be held in the hands brings to mind the mighty oak trees that throw their fine acorns in the autumn storms; life begins over again.

Spira is cordless and is operated with a single button. Spira is lovingly hand-shaped in beautiful oak. Parts of it are plated with leaf silver, which beautifully conveys the gentle light, making it fall in love with.

Smoked oak, leaf silver, and LED light

Dimensions: H without foot 24 cm, H with foot 27 cm, Ø 12 cm



The global work culture is undergoing seismic shifts these years. Behind the obvious practical solutions – remote work, hybrid models, virtual presence – lies a more profound shift that we have wanted to manifest in the workplace Iceland.

Home office… the word itself contains a self-contradiction from a bygone era. Home is where the heart lives, while we associate the word office with efficiency, professionalism and intellectual strength. According to our analysis, the work will more and more become a state of mind, an act of love, a fusion of heart and mind. Geniuses need this meeting and can in turn happen around the clock.

Iceland is designed for the future, and we have created the work in Danish ash wood and plexiglass. It will allow emotional work to blend into your effective home. And as a bonus, we invite elves, trolls and other magical creatures to inspire you in your future work.

Black-colored Danish ash wood, Plexiglas.

Shelf H 87 cm W 90 cm D 49 cm



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