Final Exam / Apprentice Pieces

15-17 of June 2022
Moltkes Palæ Dronningstværgade 2 1302 København K

Showcased final exam / apprentice pieces


Hannah Linnea Roskær

The table was initially made from an adventure I formed inside my head to get it last training time over as exciting as possible.

Alberte Westergaard Svendsen

With my apprenticeship, I would like to make a piece of furniture that you can explore. The cupboard refers back to the Fishing cupboard by Wegner. Common to the two pieces of furniture is a modest exterior and surprising interior.

Johan August Cristian Wibroe

The furniture is intended to be a hi-fi piece of furniture for LPs and equipment based on having a light expression. Therefore, it is built in Pear (Tarmvridrøn), maple and ebony, to keep it bright with dark details for contrast.

Albert Hald-Bjerrum

The table is crafted with simple elegance and with tradition in mind. This is emphasized through curved details and further through the choice of using Oregon pine. A chest of Brazilian rosewood evokes memories of carpentry history. To discover this, one must fully explore and reveal the secrets of the table.

Josefine Toft

“For my journeyman, I wanted to create a feminine sideboard with a variety of organic shapes and sharp lines. The final expression is achieved in the interplay between classic hand tools and modern machinery. The body is hovered by a solid walnut frame and carries on top a replaceable hand-turned bowl resting in a milling cutout for continuous viewing. The interior of the furniture is wearing lingerie in the form of hand-carved nature motifs in marquetry with a story about the small animals’ food chain – or about the carpenter’s snack?

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