Gribskov Quality Furniture /Gribskov inventarsnedkeri is situated in the middle of the most beautiful nature in the north part of Sealand, 40 km north from Copenhagen. The workshop is specialized in custom-made kitchens and inventory. based on a combination of old makers’ traditions and a curiosity about new methods and materials.

Keywords are quality, craftsmanship, nature, and sustainability- understood in both a social and
ecological context. We create as much as possible ourselves, nothing is “outsourced” to countries with a problematic relationship to materials, pollution, social responsibility, and fair workers’ conditions.

Our Items


A drawer

Anders´ contribution to Københavns Snedkerlaugs exhibition/ 3 days of design is an attempt to let the craft in woodworking and the basic use of a drawer speak for itself, without too much fuss. He is inspired by the Shakers’s story (North America 1780s), their respect for function, the material, and devotion to the process itself.

Choice of material: pinewood and oil



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Carpentry Craft / Kbh
Moltkes Palæ
Dronningens Tværgade 2
1302 Copenhagen

Opening hours:
June 15 10.00-18.00
June 16 10.00-17.00
June 17 10.00-17.00