Final Exam / Apprentice Pieces

7-9 of June 2023
Moltkes Palæ Dronningens Tværgade 2 1302 København K

Showcased final exam / apprentice pieces


Teis Elsen Nissen

The idea behind my design is to create a piece of furniture that can embrace two completely intimately in the moment. A place to share the joys of the day, capture the big thoughts or simply a seat that can offer you a break when times are busy.

Magnus Paulsen

The lounge chair was created with the idea of pulling the chair from the corner of the room, into the middle of the room instead, wanting to look at it from more angles.

Mikkel Schou

A singular piece reshaping the act of hanging a garment. An exploration of format were geometric shapes are arranged in a rigorous sculptural composition. The monolithic presence of the piece is enhanced by the visual contrast between scale and proportion; the enlarged wall hook, the solid ring and the very fine hanger curve.

Gustav Rindholt + August

Gustav Rindholt + August

Nikolaj Busch Jensen

A unique storage case designed and crafted by Nikolaj Busch Jensen in Elm. Inspired by your standard carry-on luggage, the stay case urges one to reflect on only the essential items for everyday use. Thanks to its flexible appearance design, this item can be used for different purposes, from storing clothes in the wardrobe to carrying all of one’s essentials as a light luggage. Made to stay or to go for generations.

Gerd Kay Markvard

Zen bench prototype II This low chair is intended for meditation and contemplation with a seat wide enough for an upright cross-legged position and a curved backrest for more laid back sessions. The design seeks to be lifting, while at the same time grounding and calming. It draws from Danish design and Japanese timber constructions and architecture using classic materials and joinery while experimenting with new ideas.

Jakob Volf Pedersen

Jakob Volf Pedersen

Mette Skov

Mette Skov

Simon Birktoft

Simon Birktoft

Tine Møller

Tine Møller

Nicolai Thorsøe

Nicolai Thorsøe

Mikkel Bay

I have long been inspired by the not/fer collection, and the design possibilities that can be achieved through the form of this collection.

Pauline Dahl Nielsen

My journeyman piece is the result of what I have learned through my education as a cabinetmaker. I wanted to make a smaller piece of furniture in oak, with traditional joints and marquetry decorations .

Johan Lehrmann

As a tribute to my apprenticeships at the Royal cabinetmakers workshop, I chose for my journeyman's test to make my own version of a desk that I came by once called “The Princess desk” by the danish cabinetmaker Jacob Kjaer designed in 1950 and was given to HRH Princess Benedikte at her wedding in 1968.

Marta Olsson

I wanted to create a piece of furniture where the tambour doors were in focus and were not enclosed in a frame. I wanted a piece with a simple look and clean lines. I chose walnut because of its beautiful deep brown color and the homogeneous structure of the wood.

Frode Lange Schkerl

The thought behind my choice was that I wanted to make a piece of furniture which is inviting but at the same time breaks with the very sharp, straight lines that much furniture architecture – especially in the north.

Jesper Tvenge Neergaard

This journeyman piece is a “story bench”. It was created as a place for me to read stories with my two children and where i can sit and enjoy a good book when they are at sleep. The bench was heavily inspired by the midcentury telephone bench but the frame was made much more organic in its design.

Christian Riisgaard

For my journeyman, I wanted to make a sideboard for storage and in the future for a turntable and LP’s. Therefore, I made the shelves adjustable. I love the rays in quarter sawn oak, so I made it a feature which I think gives the piece its unique character. I wanted to include wooden slats to make the doors a little more special and to elevate the overall design of the piece.

Emil Sebastian Vedel

I wanted to create a versatile, timeless piece. It was designed as an entrance sideboard but it could easily fit in an office or function as a bar cabinet. My choice for pear wood was driven by its aesthetics and warm color. The orange hue is a nod to my Dutch heritage. I would like to dedicate this piece to my brother and father.


I wanted to create a versatile, timeless piece. It was designed as an entrance sideboard but it could easily fit in an office or function as a bar cabinet. My choice for pear wood was driven by its aesthetics and warm color. The orange hue is a nod to my Dutch heritage. I would like to dedicate this piece to my brother and father.

Emil Møller Andersen

Emil Møller Andersen

Ahmad Amani

This round table with the name “Octagonal round table” is designed by Ahmad Amani in 2023. The table is homemade in solid smoked oak, designed to combine a modern design with classic carpentry techniques.

Morten Bak

The idea of having linoleum split to slide around a corner – then reassemble into a smooth surface – sparked the development of the linoleum roller shutters. The drawer doubling of brass came out of the magic of being able to make a solid gold block out of 12mm mdf sheet material and 1mm brass sheet. There are both machine and hand-made mortise/tenon joints in the furniture, where the underframe joints both challenge but also respect the classic joint.

Sofus Berg-Sørensen

The core-construction of the chair is made entirely in European oak, which gives the chair a classic and down to earth look. This chair is designed with several organic shapes and curves. Especially the head support gives the chairs the modern and playful look I was going for. The seat and backrest are braided with traditional Danish paper cord techniques.

Ditte Hessellund Vestergaard

An oriental inspired piece of furniture called “herring in a barrel.” The cabinet is crafted using simple methods, but with high precision due to the octagon shape.

Anna Brandhoej

Anne Brandhøj is interested in the encounter between elements where cohesion and contrasts emerge – she analyzes and combines wood and shapes. Curved and round shapes such as circles, convexes, and concave arches meet surfaces and edges, douglas fir meets ash and oak meets cherry wood.

Tobias Nordentoft

Tried to make something as light and relatively simple as possible, as sustainability was a very central issue in the idea behind my furniture. Both through good craftsmanship, but not least a kind of upholstery device (where it can be changed with an umbraco) which I go and experiment a bit with, and have used here in the journeyman piece – with the idea that anyone and everyone can refresh/modernize the furniture with something new fabric, at home in the living room, without much experience or a toolbox.

Jonas Sandbæk

The entire desk except for the drawer components made of fumed oak, while the drawer is made of maple to highlight the dovetails in the drawer and create a contrast between the sides and the front.

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