Helles og Bjørn -møbelsnedkeri ApS

HELLES & BJØRN møbelsnedkeri is founded in 2023 by the two cabinetmakers Jonas Helles and Lars de Place Bjørn. We make bespoke high quality kitchens and interiors, furniture and objects, including prototypes for designers. We work in close collaboration with architects and designers in Denmark and internationally for both private, public and commercial clients. Each project is bespoke, and we develop it closely together with our clients, with most meticulous attention to detail and context. All our projects are handmade by us in our workshop in Copenhagen. We carefully hand-pick and assemble each piece of wood, in order to create a beautiful whole that will last. In the production process, we are are combining the finest traditional artisanship with the latest technology such as CNC. Our workshop is situated in the old Meatpacking District of Copenhagen, among renowned galleries, architectural offices as well as other workshops and artistic practices. Prior to founding HELLES & BJØRN møbelsnedkeri, Lars, who completed his apprenticeship at legendary Søren Horn & Associates, built up and ran the well-established de Place Furniture since 2001. Jonas completed his apprenticeship at de Place Furniture and has been working for Lars for the past ten years.



Dotte Lamp no. 1

Each lamp in the Dotte collection is unique. Their authenticity is in the type of wood we use, the size, and the Kumiko pattern.

Dotte Lamp no. 1 is made out of maple and lime wood. The Kumiko pattern is Asa-No-Ha and Tsuno Asa-No-Ha size Ø700mm

Dotte Lamp no. 2

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Carpentry Craft / Kbh
Moltkes Palæ
Dronningens Tværgade 2
1302 Copenhagen

Opening hours:
June 15 10.00-18.00
June 16 10.00-17.00
June 17 10.00-17.00