Carpentry Craft \ Kbh

An exhibition blending tradition and craftmanship with innovation and authenticity.
Opening hours:
June 12 – 10.00-17.00
June 13 – 10.00-20.00
June 14 – 10.00-16.00
12-14 of June 2024
Moltkes Palæ
Dronningens Tværgade 2
1302 København K

Meet the artisans. Feel Inspired.

An exhibition blending tradition and craftsmanship with innovation and authenticity.

Danish design owes a great debt to the Copenhagen Carpenters’ Guild, Københavns Snedkerlaug, founded in 1554, which, even after 468 years, keeps supporting local craft based on the pillars of longevity, local production, hand-craft, and technology. Its annual exhibitions have launched the pantheon careers of Danish designers.

For the first time, Københavns Snedkerlaug will be part of 3 days of design, showing the work of small local and more established makers.

Danish design owes a great debt to the Copenhagen Carpenters’ Guild, Københavns Snedkerlaug, founded in 1554 and still, after 468 years, supporting local craft based on the pillars of longevity, local production, hand-craft and technology. Its annual exhibitions have launched the careers of the pantheon of Danish designers.

For the first time, Københavns Snedkerlaug will be part of 3daysofdesign, showing work from small local and more established makers.



Showcased artisans



Kort introduktionstekst om jer selv eller jeres virksomhed.Bag pseudonymet Snedkersind findes Kristian Frandsen; en møbelsnedker og formgiver stærkt rodfæstet i det gode traditionsrige håndværk, og hvis hjerte slår for materialets mange egenskaber og muligheder.I værkstedet arbejdes med en bred vifte af specialløsninger inden for finere møbelsnedkeri, herunder Kristians egne tanker i træ, kollaborationer med arkitekter og designere samt restaureringsarbejde af bevaringsværdige møbler. Et værksted, der favner de mange facetter og grene inden for snedkerhåndværkets fortid og samtid ­– og som ligeledes gør sig forhåbninger for dets fremtid.

Raaschou Inventarsnedkeri A/S

Together with the customer, Raaschou makes the idea, and design possible. With mutual trust, we succeed with the best solution in high-quality and with carefully selected materials.Our skilled and committed carpenters always solve the task by combining the latest technology with the traditional craftsmanship at our 8000 m2 workshop in Skovlunde – at Raaschou no task is too simple or complex.We are proud of the carpentry profession in Denmark and we aim to lead and take responsibility for the education and development of the current and future generations.

Jonathän Jouan Studios

I grew up in the idyllic French Breton countryside, inspired by local folklore and global tales, especially Japanese narratives. My passion led me to study Art History, but I found it incomplete. Seeking more, I moved to Montreal and enrolled in the School of Art Cabinetmaking (EEAM), where I discovered a love for transforming materials, particularly wood.In 2017, I founded Jonathän Jouan Studios, creating meticulously designed furniture and objects with various cabinetmaking techniques. Self-learning, such as straw marquetry, expanded my skills. After graduating in 2020, I moved to Copenhagen to refine my techniques and artistic style, symbolizing my commitment to artistic evolution while still focusing on mythology and folklore for my conceptual pieces.General approach about my work :As an artisan specializing in art furniture and the intricate technique of straw marquetry, I infuse vitality into my creations, accentuating the meticulous craftsmanship and finesse inherent in both straw marquetry and woodwork. Within my artistic endeavors focused on crafting ornamental pieces and furniture, I prioritize not only the visual appeal but also the experiential aspect for the user. My pieces are designed not solely for functionality and convenience but also to inspire moments of spiritual contemplation and engagement during interaction.Deeply influenced by Eastern philosophies, particularly the Japanese ethos, where ordinary acts of daily life are transformed into sacred rituals akin to the tea ceremony, I am presently immersed in exploring the ethereal domain. This journey finds expression through my reinterpretation of folklore, nostalgic recollections, and timeless narratives shared around hearths. My artistic pursuit transcends the physical realm, aspiring to evoke intangible and spiritual encounters.My current ornamental series delves into the enigmatic territory of the unseen future. Inspired by the pioneering research of Edward A.D. Mitchell, a soil specialist exploring microorganisms and amoebas, I have woven a narrative that unveils a speculative tale of a voyager journeying through an exhibition of macroorganisms, descendants of today’s amoebas. Set in an ambiguous time and place, this tale reflects the culmination of societal choices. The works I have crafted represent these organisms, ensnared by unique means, displayed for all to observe and contemplate.

Helles og Bjørn -møbelsnedkeri ApS

HELLES & BJØRN møbelsnedkeri is founded in 2023 by the two cabinetmakers Jonas Helles and Lars de Place Bjørn. We make bespoke high quality kitchens and interiors, furniture and objects, including prototypes for designers. We work in close collaboration with architects and designers in Denmark and internationally for both private, public and commercial clients. Each project is bespoke, and we develop it closely together with our clients, with most meticulous attention to detail and context. All our projects are handmade by us in our workshop in Copenhagen. We carefully hand-pick and assemble each piece of wood, in order to create a beautiful whole that will last. In the production process, we are are combining the finest traditional artisanship with the latest technology such as CNC. Our workshop is situated in the old Meatpacking District of Copenhagen, among renowned galleries, architectural offices as well as other workshops and artistic practices. Prior to founding HELLES & BJØRN møbelsnedkeri, Lars, who completed his apprenticeship at legendary Søren Horn & Associates, built up and ran the well-established de Place Furniture since 2001. Jonas completed his apprenticeship at de Place Furniture and has been working for Lars for the past ten years.

Malte Gormsen ApS

Malte Gormsen Møbelsnedkeri was born out of a desire to create and craft. Since 1999 they have made bespoke cabinetmaker solutions and furniture embedded in a set of values with a deep-seated respect for the world and its existing structures. The list of clients includes restaurants, retailers, hotels, and private customers across the world, including renowned restaurants Noma and Geranium. Malte Gormsen Kollektion is their furniture collection where they work with designers such as Space Copenhagen, Norm Architects and Nanna Ditzel.

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Carpentry Craft / Kbh
Moltkes Palæ
Dronningens Tværgade 2
1302 Copenhagen

Opening hours:
June 12 – 10.00-17.00
June 13 – 10.00-20.00
June 14 – 10.00-17.00